Unravelling the Mystery of The Marcahuasi Ruins and Their Connection with Egypt

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Strange Mysteries

Other strange mysteries have also been attributed to the Marcahuasi Ruins. For example, the ruins are said to be quite well-known as a spot for UFO sightings, and has attracted many UFO enthusiasts to the nearby village of San Pedro de Casta. In addition, it has been claimed that the ruins possess supernatural healing powers. One story, for instance, tells of a Peruvian man who was paralyzed in a car accident. The man goes to the ruins, meets a mysterious stranger there, and is cured.

Others are more skeptical about the ruins, be it the strange mysteries or Ruzo’s beliefs about the rocks. It has been proposed that the rocks are not at all carvings by human beings, but the result of erosion over a long period of time, and that people see the things they want to see in these rocks

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