Unravelling the Mystery of The Marcahuasi Ruins and Their Connection with Egypt

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Masma Civilization

The civilization responsible for these carvings, according to Ruzo, was the ‘Masma’. This term is recorded to have first been coined by a Peruvian esoterist by the name of Pedro Astete. According to the story, Astete was residing in Andahuaylas, Peru, when in 1905, he had a strange dream. In that dream, he saw a large, underground hall which was filled with scrolls containing ancient knowledge. Additionally, he heard the name ‘Masma’ being repeated by a voice. Astete had further dreams about the ‘Masma’, and was even able to make Biblical connections to that name.

Eventually, Astete met Ruzo in 1920, and the latter became convinced that the ‘Masma’ of Astete’s dreams were indeed real. Ruzo began searching for evidence of the ‘Masma’, and it was by discovering the Marcahuasi Ruins that he could claim that he had found physical evidence of this proto-historic civilization’s existence. Ruzo proposed that the ‘Masma’ were a very advanced civilization that was capable of travelling around the world. They had left evidence of themselves in many places, one of them being a plateau in the Andes. It was also suggested that the rock carvings at Marcahuasi were made just before a world-wide cataclysm destroyed the ‘Masma’, and were meant to serve as a warning to future man.

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