Top 10 Things Only a Fanatic of Vincent Van Gogh Would Know (And Yes, We Talk About the Ear Thing)

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8. As a Teacher

At age twenty-three, Van Gogh took an unpaid (except for lodging) job as a teacher at William Stokes’s boarding school in Ramsgate, U.K.. There were only twenty-four students in the school, whose ages ranged between ten and fourteen years, which Van Gogh admitted in a letter to his parents wasn’t many. He still found it frustrating how hard it was to drill the lessons into the children’s heads instead of just parrot them to the kids. He also was angered when he saw William Stokes send kids to bed without dinner or tea even though they seemed generally well-behaved. During this period he developed a love of the beach that compelled him to take his students there even during severe storms. Whatever his feelings about the experience, Van Gogh was let go from the position after only two months.

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