Top 10 Things Only a Fanatic of Vincent Van Gogh Would Know (And Yes, We Talk About the Ear Thing)

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Despite living a life that was in many ways more modest than most of ours, Van Gogh the painter has become a larger than life figure. His paintings have sold for such high prices, and stories like the removal of one of his ears have completely overshadowed the real person and the true nature of his body of work. Obviously no list can completely convey the entirety of a human being, but it will address a few of the common misconceptions and expand our knowledge of the man and work.

10. Massive Body of Work

How many of Van Gogh’s paintings has the layperson seen? Probably they’ve only seen Starry Night, a sunflowers painting or two, and a few self-portraits. Certainly they haven’t seen enough to get the impression that Van Gogh actually left behind a body of eighthundred and seventy paintings. On top of that there were more than one thousand onehundred drawings, something he often did on days where it was too windy for paint or there just wasn’t the money for a canvas handy. Unlike most artists who would do a sketch as a rough draft for a painting, Van Gogh would usually do a drawing as a second attempt at a particular piece of art, as if the idea of an image were more important to him than the composition of the piece. It was such a prolific output that for a two month period, he was doing a painting a day.

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