Top 10 Terrifying Paintings By Great Artists

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Often when we think of paintings in museums we imagine charming landscapes and stately portraits. However, art can be, and has often been, challenging in the subjects it portrays, or the way in which it presents ideas. Sometimes an artist creates a work so unsettling that it crosses the line from unnerving to scary. You might not want them hanging on your bedroom wall, but they are definitely worth examining. Here are ten of the most terrifying pictures by great artists.

10. The Great Red Dragon and the Beast of the Sea, William Blake

William Blake is well-known today for his engravings and romantic poetry, but his reputation while alive was almost non-existent. Blake’s engravings and illustrations are classics of romantic style, and sprang from his imagination rather than close studies of nature. For our purposes it is Blake’s watercolor series which depict the great red dragon from the Book of Revelation, which merit his inclusion in this list. Here the great red dragon, an avatar of the Devil, is depicted in hideous glory standing over the seven-headed beast of the sea.

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