Top 10 Middle Earth Backstories and Epilogues You Didn’t Know You Needed

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8. Aragorn

Aragorn’s father, Arathorn II, was killed by an orc arrow when Aragorn was only two years old. As a result both he and his mother sought shelter with the elves in Rivendell, where he was raised in the house of Elrond. At his mother’s wishes, his identity as heir to the throne of Gondor was kept secret and he was called Estel (Hope). When he turned 20 however, Elrond revealed his true identity to Aragorn and gave him both the Ring of Barahir and the Shards of Narsil.

The following day he met Arwen, who had returned from her mother’s homeland of Lothlorien. For the next 30 years Aragorn would become the head of the Dunedain, journeying all across Middle Earth, trying to obstruct Sauron’s plans as much as possible. At the advice of Gandalf, he and the other rangers kept the Shire safe from danger. Under the name of Thorongil (Eagle of the Star), he served in both the Rohan and Gondor armies. Like his mother and grandmother, Aragorn had the gift of foresight, but to a lesser extent.

As a gift, Galadriel gave him Elessar (Elfstone) which was a green jewel in an eagle-shaped silver brooch. It had the power of healing and it was the only thing Aragorn brought with him when he went inside Minas Tirith to heal Eowyn, Faramir and Merry. Though he didn’t want to enter the city before his coronation, he did so because his healing skills were greatly needed. He was quickly recognized however and was given the name of Elessar. His new name as king is Elessar Telcontar. He chose the royal house name of Telcontar because it translates to “Strider.”

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