This Is the Real Scientific Evidence Suggesting Extraterrestrial Life Exists

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There are many old stories and myths about extraterrestrial life.

This has not only been a hot issue for debate among the scientific community but has also been an attractive subject among the public. The issue that once was regarded as a secret, as well as a source of anxiety for the public, now constitutes a major portion of Hollywood movies and science fiction books. But the question remains as to how serious and real the possibility of extraterrestrial life can be and if there are any solid scientific arguments supporting the idea.

Over the past few decades, with the rapid progress in the development of such technologies as communication, satellites, radio telescopes as well as biological science, there have been ample findings and evidence supporting the idea of the existence of extraterrestrial life. The distinct clues and evidence, when put together, have driven the scientific community to the conclusion that the existence of life is not just limited to our Earth and indeed, it may exist on other planets in our solar system or even in other similar planetary systems in our Milky Way galaxy or other galaxies too. In order to better understand the arguments for the existence of extraterrestrial life, the criteria that led to the formation of life on Earthhave to be understood:

Formation of life on Earth

The scientific research has suggested the following events and parameters for the formation of life on our planet:

  • The formation of water on Earth as the most important criteria for the formation of the primitive blocks of life on Earth. Water means oxygen, which is the basic component of any form of life.
  • The collision of asteroids and comets with Earth. It is believed that such collisions may have led to the combination of amino acids and the formation of life’s building blocks on Earth.

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