Here’s The UFO Footage NASA Doesn’t Want You To See

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During a live stream event from the Progress spacecraft, two unidentified objects appear out of nowhere and are clearly visible in NASA’s Live Stream. The two ‘unidentified objects’ quickly disappear in a way that many conspiracy theorists say, makes the footage look edited, giving UFO hunters plenty to think about.

Most importantly, it isn’t the first live stream that NASA has tried editing, say UFO hunters.

We’ve come across plenty of videos on YouTube showing what many believe is the ultimate evidence our plant is beings monitored and constantly visited by beings, not from Earth.

And while some of these videos are easily explained as reflections or camera glitches, other videos make you wonder whether or not there really is something out there we are not being told about.

One extremely controversial video was filmed by NASA’s cameras on board the international space station on July 9.

As the Space Station was orbiting Earth, a mysterious whiteish object appears to move towards our planet’s atmosphere.

Just as the object approaches the planet’s atmosphere, it comes to an abrupt stop, and NASA’s live stream is cut off.

This isn’t the first time NASA has cut off the live stream warn UFO hunters and conspiracy theorists.

On numerous occasions has NASA abruptly cut off its live stream from space, every time a mysterious UFO appears near the space station.

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