8 Ancient Cities in Asia that Will Transport You Back in Time

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In a world where life seems so fast-paced and dynamic, where it appears that places are becoming more and more reachable because of the improvement in access to transportation, we were able to find several places that have been considered as lost. These are ancient cities around Asia that are definitely worth checking out, as they are sure to bring you back in time because of how they managed to survive the test of time and tell their story.

1. Hoi An, Vietnam

Not many people know of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located in Vietnam’s Quang Nam province, the ancient city of Hoi An has a population of only 120,000. It is historically known as Faifoo and was once a major port.

Centuries have passed but Hoi An has retained its old charm and exceptionally well-preserved architecture. The Thu Bon River has seen its share of busy trade. The trading centre was found in the Town of Cham at the mouth of the river between the 16th and 17th centuries. This was where the Portuguese, Dutch, and Chinese came and traded with one another.

Make sure to visit The Old Town Hoi An. The historic district of the city is well known for its temples, Japanese merchant houses, and modern tourist businesses. There are museums to visit as well. Ride a bike and go around the old beaten path of this old port. * Continue reading on the next page.

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