5 Remarkable Tribes That Have Not Yet Made Contact With The Modern World

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When we think about tribes, we imagine people living in the jungle wearing face paint and using spears to attack their nearby enemies and hunt for food. We usually associate tribes with various films, or games, and that they don’t exist in the world, we live in today. However, there are still tribes out there, who have not yet made contact with other humans, tribes that don’t even know that other humans exist. So here are five tribes that have never made contact with civilization:

5. Sentinelese People

The Sentinelese people are a tribe consisting of anywhere between 15 and 500 members. The Sentinelese people live on North Sentinel Island, off the east coast of India. There have been a few attempts to contact these people, with varied success. In 1880, a British expedition to the island was the first recorded venture to the island. The British abducted a child from the island, gave them gifts to take back to their people and returned them to the island. The child ventured into the forest and was never seen again. More recently, in 2006, the Sentinelese people killed two Indian fishermen who were fishing for mud crabs. This is the last known contact with the Sentinelese. Will they ever make contact with civilization again? Time will tell….

4. The Korubo People

In the 1980’s Brazilian authorities attempted to make contact with these people. When the tribe was approached by Brazilian representatives they did not react with hostility, just chose to ignore them, and the officials eventually left. Since then, Brazil has sent many representatives to attempt to make contact with these people, but none of them have returned, and it is presumed that the Korubo people have massacred them. The last time the Brazilian Government attempted to contact these people was in the 1980’s, with no further attempts made. The Korubo are also thought to have killed trespassers, with bodies being found decapitated around July 2000.

3. Yanomami Tribe

The Yanomami tribe are the largest uncontacted tribe left, with around 35,000 members as of 2011. They live in Brazil and southern Venezuela and have a long history of violence to other tribes, trespassers and each other. The tribe once kidnapped a Brazilian woman, called Helena Valero, who witnessed the Yanomami tribe massacre a nearby, smaller tribe. She said, once released, ‘They killed so many. I was weeping for fear and for pity, but there was nothing I could do. They snatched the children from their mothers to kill them while the others held the mothers tightly by the arms and wrists as they stood up in a line. All the women wept… The men began to kill the children; little ones, bigger ones, they killed many of them’.

Recently, however, the tribe accepted help from the modern world. A UK based charity has recently gone over to Brazil to help the tribe build houses and set up water pumps, protecting their long-term future.

2. Foja Tribe

Located in New Guinea, the Foja tribe are one of the most bizarre still out there. They have been known to abduct nearby explorers and due to their inability to hunt successfully, they eat those that they abduct. Due to these reports, the New Guinea government have never attempted to try and contact these people for their own safety. The tribe is not believed to be big, estimated at only around 50-100 members, but they are believed to possess self-constructed weapons, such as stone axes, and because of their history of cannibalism, nobody has been sent out to greet them. Perhaps one day we will find out more about this tribe, but for now, I believe it safe to say, you wouldn’t readily volunteer to try and contact them!

1. The Brazilian Tribe

Known simply as the Brazilian tribe because of the inability to make contact with them due to their location and their violence, the Brazilian tribe have only ever been spotted by satellite, and the tribe spotted the satellite too. Due to their lack of modern knowledge four members of the tribe were pictured staring at the satellite, with one member primed to fire an arrow at the satellite. In the image, they are barely clothed, and one of them has painted their skin orange, which people presume to be the leader. This tribe has never been caught on camera since, and many question whether they are still alive. The fact that this tribe has constructed weapons for themselves leads us to believe that they are violent and perhaps because they were intrigued and aggressive toward the satellite suggests that they are unaware of other human life.

There are many more tribes across the world who have also rejected all contact with civilization, but a lot of them are peaceful and keep themselves to themselves.

Perhaps you could argue that it is our fault that lives have been lost to these tribes, as we shouldn’t have tried to interfere with their way of life. However, these were the most bizarre and violent I could find on the internet, but I am sure there will be a few others, others that we might not have discovered yet, that take part in stranger practices and are more violent than the ones that I have found. I hope you have enjoyed reading.