3 facts to know about the excavated ancient Egyptian tomb “Hetpet”

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3. The tomb’s paintings speak 1,000 words 

Hetpet’s tomb significantly features vivid paintings of her life and other scenarios of the fifth dynasty including one painting featuring people reaping fruits, working in creating metals and fabrication of leather and papyri boats, and enjoying entertaining nights that included musicals and dancing performances.

Other paintings include one featuring two monkeys sitting in different positions, one eating fruits while the other is dancing in front of an orchestra. Monkeys at the time were not only raised as a pet but also as a guard to its owner.

Other tombs have featured similar paintings including one painted on the wall of a tomb dating back to the 12th Dynasty of “Khanoum Hetep II” that was excavated in Minya governorate; while another similar painting was found in a tomb dating back to the Old Kingdom, depicting a monkey dancing in front of a guitarist.

Giza western cemetery is known for housing tombs of senior officials of the Old Kingdom that have been discovered since 1842.

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