10 Modern-Day Sightings Of Reptilian Humanoids

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As soon as the subject of reptilians is brought up, most people roll their eyes, state how crazy all that stuff is, and possibly mention David Icke and his equally crazy theories on the subject. All of that might very much be true, but there are plenty of examples in mythology and ancient texts that speak of serpent gods and lizard people who live deep within the Earth. Perhaps more strange is that there are still alleged sightings of these reptilian humanoid creatures today.

10. ‘Devil Creature’ Of San Doong Cave

When it was discovered in 1995, the Son Doong Cave was said to be so large that it couldn’t be fully explored at the time. Over 150 meters (492 ft) high, 200 meters (656 ft) wide, and 6.5 kilometers (4 mi) in length, it was opened to the public for tours in 2013. Since then, there have been several reports of strange creatures lurking within the cave systems.

In January 2015, a video appeared on YouTube that claimed to show a picture of a reptilian creature. It was taken by one of the cave’s visitors, who described it as a “devil creature” that had a human–like body and a face that was more akin to a “dragon or lizard!” The sighting is particularly interesting when put alongside an alleged account that appeared on another website regarding an American military unit that was based in South Vietnam close to the same caves in 1970.

The report claimed that a two-meter (7 ft) “upright lizard humanoid” was spotted near the entrance of the cave. The unit eventually opened fire on the creature, but it appeared that it escaped unhurt as no body or signs that it was wounded were found. The anonymous soldier stated that his unit was not debriefed about the incident, which led him to believe that it was either unreported or that it was simply hushed up.

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