10 Hidden Secrets In History’s Greatest Artworks

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To make impressive art, special skills are needed to distinguish the artist. In some cases, artists knowingly and unknowingly include clues that shed light on their personal lives, desires, and techniques, And many of these clues are hidden in nearly plain sight.

10. Rembrandt’s Mirrors

Rembrandt is famous for his use of light, and while many other artists of the time used light in a similar manner, none of them could capture the beauty that Rembrandt put on the canvas. Over the years, Rembrandt’s techniques have been uncovered based on details in his paintings.

To create almost photographic accuracy, Rembrandt manipulated his surroundings using mirrors and lighting, much like many photographers use today. For his self-portraits, Rembrandt used a complex series of flat and concave mirrors along with projectors like the camera obscura to get the closest possible likeness. During his lifetime, Rembrandt never revealed his technique, and it wasn’t until art historians tried out the mirror system did they discover the secret to his greatness.

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