10 Bizarre Theories About Ethnic And Racial Origins

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Archaeologists and historians have long debated about just how humans spread across the planet, who came first, and how the world’s different populations developed. We’re getting closer and closer to piecing together a sort of archaeological road map of just how it happened, but there are still arguments. There are still competing theories, too, and some of them are just downright strange.

10. Native Americans And Dinosaurs

Vine Deloria was born near the Pine Ridge Oglala Sioux Indian Reservation in South Dakota and grew up in a family of mixed French and Native American influence. He has written much about the necessity of restoring tribal rights and ending some of the horrific atrocities being committed against Native Americans—like the complete destruction of their culture.

Aside from all the good things he’s written, he’s also the one behind the pseudohistorical book Red Earth, White Lies, which claims that the theory of humans migrating across the Bering Strait and into the Americas is absolute bunk. He claims that there’s no real evidence for the theory, and clearly, the fact that it’s stayed around for so long is simply a testament to the mental illness of the academic world.

According to Deloria, absolutely everything we currently think about the world’s early history is wrong. Evolution didn’t happen, because there’s no real proof of it at all. Don’t even get him started about the ice ages, because those weren’t real, either. However, the theory that grieves him the most is the idea of people crossing the Bering Strait. It’s not only contradictory to most of the tribal lore, which tells of a history where Native Americans were born from the land they’re on, but it also gives the government grounds for declaring that Natives don’t have a right to the land, after all.

The real stories are rooted in the oral histories of tribal elders. The earliest Native Americans lived alongside saber-toothed cats and mammoths, and, contrary to the idea that some species were hunted to extinction, there was a massive catastrophe that wiped them out. The Native American ancestors were created, and there was a period of peace— at about the same time they were coexisting with dinosaurs.

The stories of giants roaming the Earth also explain a lot. Specifically, they indicate that there was a higher concentration of CO2 in the air. This makes accurate carbon dating all but impossible, which means that the scientifically accepted timeline is way, way wrong. All of archaeology and accepted science is wrong, actually, and all you need to do is listen to the creation myths to hear the remembered tales of fire brought by the gods and glaciers that moved across the land.

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